Welcome to JPL’s SSD (Solar System Dynamics) and CNEOS (Center for Near-Earth Object Studies) API (Application Program Interface) service. This service provides an interface to machine-readable data (JSON-format) related to SSD and CNEOS.

Important Notes

If you are looking for human-readable data, please go to the main websites for SSD and/or CNEOS.

APIs Available

The following APIs are available. A solid understanding of JSON is necessary to make use of these APIs.

API Description
Fireball Fireball atmospheric impact data reported by US Government sensors
Horizons Horizons system programattic (query-parameter-based) interface
Horizons File Horizons system programattic (file-based) interface
Horizons Lookup Horizons lookup service
JD Date/Time Converter Julian Day number to/from calendar date/time converter
NHATS Human-accessible NEOs data
Periodic Orbits Interactive interface to database of periodic orbits
SB Close Approach Asteroid and comet close approaches to the planets in the past and future
SB Identification Small-body identification within a specified FOV at a specific time
SB Mission Design Small-body mission design tool
SB Observability Provides a list of small-bodies observable on a specific date
SB Radar Small-body radar astrometry data
SB Satellites Small-body satellite data
SBDB Small-Body DataBase (SBDB) - primarily orbital data on all known asteroids and comets
SBDB Query Small-Body DataBase (SBDB) query tool
Scout NEOCP orbits, ephemerides, and impact risk data
Sentry NEO Earth impact risk assessment data

REST Compliance

Every attempt has been made to ensure our APIs follow the REST architecture style. Although URI path mapping is often associated with REST APIs, they are not a requirement of REST. Because these APIs only get data from a database (no updates or deletes), query parameters are specified instead of using URI path mapping. Similarly, only GET and POST HTTP-request types are supported.

NASA API Service

For additional NASA APIs, visit the webpage at